Sreekanth Gandikota
(Founder & Chairman)

“It has been 17 years since the inception of Gandikota Management Academy (Formerly known as Gandikota Business School), yet I still get elated in the same way every time I think of my students career where talent continued to be a key driver of their India growth story. Digital transformation of businesses and the emerging opportunities that arose was one of the primary areas of Gandikota Management Academy Graduates who were hired for this year. Bright future ahead is humbling at the same time when I look at my students for their future in business management “digital transformation continues to be a strong driver for demand” our specialized integrated custom designed digitalized “Next Zen Academic programs” with strong fundamental knowledge take part in projects from industry exposure to market will offer insights and thoughts on how best to build digital career in an enterprise, supported by examples and case studies. The program provides to empower and enable students to take-up responsible positions in Industries/Business firms and any other sectors. Students also gain hands on experience through their exposure to Business lab and improve their communication skills they are introduced to language lab.

With career opportunities in most of the major industries that have large number of positions for Commerce and Management graduates include: Automobile Industry, Banking & Insurance Industry, FMCG Industry, Hospitality Industry, Media Industry, Retail Industry, Telecom Industry etc. Major IT companies like Deloitte, IBM, Amazon, WIPRO, Convergys, and so on that are constantly in need of Commerce and Management graduates for their accounting processes. Commerce and Management graduates also find job opportunities in various Government Departments such as Railways, and Defence (Army, Navy and Air Force). Our newly established dedicated “Digital Academia” and “Placement Officer” services with integrated Job-Ready Transformation skill development IT and Finance aims at grooming budding business professionals into true management leaders by imparting quality education, training them to challenge the conventional and think innovatively. The dedication of each member who has had a hand in shaping this college student destiny is truly remarkable and a source of inspiration for all of us.